Posture Correction with Lumbar Roll

Posture correction can be supported by the use of a lumbar roll. Many patients in our office work in jobs that involve prolonged sitting, driving or computer use. Prolonged static postures, such as those mentioned, can contribute to the onset of neck pain, low back pain and pain in other regions of the body. No ideal posture exists, but we often teach patients how to correct posture when their symptoms are worsened when sitting. We also advise patients to take frequent microbreaks from sitting so that the spine is presented with a variety of different positions–motion is lotion for your joints!

posture correction

How to perform:

  • Begin by placing a lumbar roll on the back of your chair or car seat
  • The lumbar roll should line up with the middle of your low back region
  • A rolled up towel or rolled up piece of clothing such as a coat or sweater can be substituted for the lumbar roll if you do not have one
  • Start by slouching your spine, roll your shoulders forward and protrude your head down and forward
  • Now reverse the slouch by sitting upright with your spine pushed into the lumbar roll, pull your shoulders back, retract your neck so that your chin is aligned over your chest
  • Relax your final position by 10% so that the position is more sustainable and comfortable
  • Perform repeatedly throughout the day if/when you notice you are slouching
  • Discontinue if your symptoms are worsened while sitting upright or after sitting upright

Posture correction with a lumbar roll is an effective strategy for management of low back, neck and other bodily region pain that is worsened with prolonged sitting.

We always recommend making an appointment for any new onset spinal or extremity pain as well as for re-aggravations of previous symptoms to properly diagnose the underlying cause and to determine the most appropriate treatment.

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