Telehealth Sessions in Wheaton, IL

Lederman Chiropractic & Sports Medicine • Dr. Joshua and Dr. Ashley Lederman

Wheaton, IL Chiropractor, Dr. Joshua and Dr. Ashley Lederman Provide Telehealth Sessions via Video Communication

Telehealth Sessions in Wheaton, IL: At Lederman Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, Dr. Joshua and Dr. Ashley Lederman provide virtual sessions to patients experiencing neuromusculoskeletal symptoms. During the telemedicine session, Dr. Joshua and Dr. Ashley Lederman will take a history of the patient’s symptoms, perform an evaluation and provide a plan of care including exercises and other movements for symptom relief via video communication. After the initial evaluation, Dr. Joshua and Dr. Ashley Lederman will perform follow-up telemedicine sessions in order to assess the response to the prescribed home exercises and progress the treatment plan accordingly.

Remote sessions  in Wheaton, IL can be performed easily and privately via the use of a phone or home computer via the website. A number of health insurance companies cover virtual health services. The link to the Lederman Chiropractic & Sports Medicine telemedicine page can be found here:

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