Flexion-Based Exercises for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis can be effectively managed by using the appropriate home exercises. Spinal stenosis is a degenerative condition resulting in a decrease in the space for nerves exited the spinal cord. When spinal stenosis occurs in the lower back (lumbar spine), patients may suffer from back and/or leg pain that is worsened with standing and walking. To relieve symptoms, stenotic patients will often bend over or sit down. A similar flexion-based exercise that can be very helpful for symptom management is the Double Knees to Chest.

dual knees to chest for spinal stenosis management

How to perform:

  • Start by lying on your back on a flat surface such as your bed or an exercise mat with both of your knees bent with your feet on the floor
  • Bend both of your knees and bring them to your chest using both of your hands grasping around either the knees or underneath the thighs
  • Hold for 1-2 seconds and return to the start position
  • Try to move your knees further and further towards your chest with each repetition
  • Perform 5-6 sets of 10-15 reps per day or more as needed
  • Check your low back range of motion before/after by bending forwards, backwards and pushing your hips side to side from a standing position to see if the exercise helped your symptoms and your range of motion
  • Continue to perform the exercise as needed if the exercise helps your symptoms
  • Discontinue if symptoms are worsened after and remain worsened

Degenerative stenosis symptoms in the lower back can be very debilitating, and flexion based exercises such as Double Knees to Chest can be very helpful for relief.

We always recommend making an appointment for any new onset spinal or extremity pain as well as for re-aggravations of previous symptoms to properly diagnose the underlying cause and to determine the most appropriate treatment.

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