Deductibles Include Chiropractic

Patients often wonder whether or not insurance deductibles include chiropractic care.  Every health insurance plan is different; however, most of the time chiropractic care does apply towards your overall deductible. Once the deductible is met your health insurance will apply a coinsurance in which the patient is responsible for a percentage (for example 20%), and the health insurance pays the remaining portion. deductibles include chiropractic

Deductibles typically reset at the beginning of the year, but some start at a different date.

Coinsurances and deductible payments also apply towards your annual out of pocket max.

The out of pocket max is the maximum amount that a patient will pay in a calendar or plan year.

Once the out of pocket max is met, the health insurance will pay 100% of the cost for care. Deductibles include chiropractic care most of the time. Sometimes a co-pay will apply to chiropractic care which applies towards the out of pocket max but not towards the deductible. If you have any questions feel free to to contact the office. We always recommend making an appointment for any new onset spinal or extremity pain as well as for re-aggravations of previous symptoms to properly diagnose the underlying cause and to determine the most appropriate treatment.

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