Thoracic Extensions for Midback Pain Relief

Midback pain is a frequent complaint of patients presenting to our clinic. Occupational stressors that can contribute to back pain include jobs involving prolonged sitting at a computer, driving, and also frequent bending/lifting tasks. More often than not, patients are not getting frequent enough thoracic extension; therefore, thoracic extensions can be a useful exercise for the treatment of midback pain.

Midback Pain Relief Thoracic Extensions

How to perform:

  • Find a chair with a supportive firm back that reaches the middle of your back
  • Place both hands behind your upper back/lower neck region
  • Pivot your mid to upper back over the back of your chair by moving your arms and elbows upwards and backwards
  • Perform 10-15 reps per set
  • If the exercise helps your back pain, continue performing 5-6 times per day or more as needed
  • If the exercise worsens your back pain during and the pain remains worse afterwards for more than 10-15 minutes, discontinue

Many of us are in flexed postures throughout the day and may develop middle back pain. The thoracic extension exercise can be helpful for middle back pain relief!

We always recommend making an appointment for any new onset back pain as well as for re-aggravations of previous middle back pain to properly diagnose the underlying cause and to determine the most appropriate treatment.

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